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How cryptocurrency offers real anonymity?

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Cryptocurrency appeared just a few years ago and has already managed to change the sector of finance, payments, and purchases. In order to make payments anonymously, the crypto-mixing service was developed.

The most important actions for user’s anonymity

We all like to do things with one click, but the reality is that some amount of security verification is necessary to ensure that users are real, identifiable individuals. For the first time in history, you have the chance to own a digital asset in the same way as physical money or a piece of precious metal. Unlike these other forms of assets, you can back up your cryptocurrencies on a piece of paper and securely access your assets anywhere in the world.

Take a look at several actions that will help you avoid becoming a victim:

  • Always check if the link displayed in the browser corresponds to the real address of the exchange or web wallet.
  • Do not go to sites that have HTTP instead of HTTPS in the address bar.
  • When receiving an email, it is important to pay attention to the address from which the letter came and check it for spelling errors.

What happens if you don’t mix bitcoins?

If you don’t mix bitcoins, then your bitcoins will be tied to your wallet and bitcoin address. This means that anyone who knows your Bitcoin address will be able to see your transaction history and use the information to track and identify you. Thus, not mixing bitcoins can make you more vulnerable to theft and fraud.

The Bitcoin mixer service guarantees your financial privacy, unlike various sites that claim to understand your privacy but often store your credentials in their database. The participants in the transaction, at their discretion, can make it openly or completely hide the data about the operation.